First-Ever Mazda CX-90 – Press reviews

Posted: 8/09/2023
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The beautiful Hunter Valley region in NSW recently hosted the domestic media unveiling of Mazda's First-Ever CX-90 – the brand's most expansive and luxurious SUV to date.

Some of Australia's top automotive journalists had the chance to test the newly engineered inline six-cylinder engines during a series of dynamic drive routes within and surrounding the region. They experienced the remarkable performance of the 254kW turbocharged G50e petrol – marking Mazda's most potent production vehicle yet – and the seamless 550Nm torque provided by the D50e turbo diesel.

The model offerings spanned from the well-appointed Touring to the Azami Takumi and SP versions, featuring second-row captain's seats. The entire range was available for review.

The spacious and opulent interior of the three-row CX-90 received considerable acclaim for its precise craftsmanship, alongside its impressive driving dynamics that resonate with Mazda's hallmark principle of 'Jinba Ittai'.

Here is a sample of what the Australian media had to say about their time behind the wheel of the Mazda CX-90:

“[CX-90] offers a more intriguing and desirable mechanical package than top-spec models from mass-market brands, while offering more kit for less money than those from premium brands. It therefore deserves to be on a lot of buyers’ consideration lists” – Car Expert

“Mazda is a master at driver connectivity, and what I mean by that is you feel totally connected to this vehicle – every little detail, even down to the hum of the engine, pulls you into the car” –

“Interior fit and finish is second to none. There are high quality materials, soft touch surfaces and textured inserts all over” –

“Is [CX-90] worth it? I genuinely believe so – it’s next-level. It’s almost like you can’t compare this to another Mazda” – Carsauce

“I really think Mazda has delivered on the promise of making a proper luxury SUV that’s also powerful, and yes, surprisingly, it is fun to drive” –

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