Mazda SUV's: The perfect choice for you and your family

Posted: 24/05/2023
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If you are in the market for a family friendly SUV, or one that is suited for everyday life, with Mazda you are sure to find the perfect sized SUV just for you. Mazda is notorious for it’s build quality and reliability and with it’s stylish line up of SUV’s you definitely won’t be disappointed.

With so many models to choose from it can sometimes be hard to tell which one will be right for you.

We have highlighted the differences between each model below so that you can have all the information available to you at a glance to hopefully make your purchase decision much easier.

Small SUV's

Mazda CX-3 – The perfect urban car or for small families

The Mazda CX-3 is the smallest and most affordable SUV of the range. With prices starting from just $26,919*

You will love its sporty performance, and thanks to Skyactiv Technology the CX-3 is the perfect balance of driving pleasure and fuel economy.

It's added safety features ensure that you and your passengers are always safe and well protected, whilst its stylish interior and exterior give it that added touch of sophistication. Whether you’re taking the family away for a weekend trip or running errands around Brisbane's busy roads, the Mazda CX3 is sure to make every drive just that little more enjoyable.

Mazda CX-30 – The car that is perfect from every angle

Next up in the Mazda SUV range is the slightly larger award winning Mazda CX-30. With prices starting from $33,820*

With it's perfectly styled design, high quality materials and everything conveniently placed you are sure to love this surprisingly spacious SUV. 

You will love the spirited performance, elegant sophistication and fuel economy of this stylish SUV.

Mazda MX-30 – An SUV with Hybrid technology

Next in the line up is the Mazda MX-30. Hybrid or First-Ever Electric. With prices starting from $40,000*

Again, the stylish MX-30 ticks all the boxes with it's stylish, elegant design made up using sustainable materials.

With both a Hybrid and Full Electric you can still get that Zoom-Zoom feeling along with having the peace of mind of reduced emissions. 

Medium SUV's

Mazda CX5 – For Growing Families & Everyday life

One of Mazda's most popular cars in the range is the family friendly Mazda CX-5. With prices starting from $48,021*

The CX-5 is perfect for keeping up with the demands of everyday life or for the busy needs of your family. You are sure to fall in love with the unique interior and exterior design, luxurious feel and driving pleasure that the Mazda CX-5 offers.

With 7 variants to choose from, the Mazda CX-5 seats five people with comfort & ease. With it's spacious cabin and cargo space, and intuitive driving experience, you and your family will love the Mazda CX-5 range.

Mazda CX-60 –  Craftmanship meets sophistication

Finishing off our mid sized SUV’s and raising the bar on elegance and design is the First-Ever Mazda CX-60. Coming soon to Redlands Mazda.

The first-ever Mazda CX-60 offers complete versatility with 3 unique engine options, and intelligent Mazda Drive Select (Mi-Drive) which allows the user to select between five different driving styles.

Be sure to put your name on the waitlist and pre order your CX-60 now.

Large SUV's

Finally, we have our large family sized SUV's perfect for growing families.

With options of 6 or 7 seats The Mazda CX-8, CX-9 and First-Ever-Mazda-CX-90 really are a class above in terms of performance, passenger, and driver comfort. 

Mazda CX-8 –  For growing families in need of adventure

With it's intuitive new look and option of 2.2L Diesel or 2.5L Petrol Engine, the Mazda CX-8 range ensures that you and your family are ready for whatever adventure you may choose. Whether that be a long drive on the Bruce Highway, or a quick trip to the Gold Coast, rest assured your family will arrive in comfort and style. Prices start from $46,024*.

Mazda CX-9 –  For those long road trips with the family

Next in the large SUV line-up we have the Mazda CX-9. With prices starting from $51.729* The CX-9 really is the "top shelf" of family SUV's.

Safety, comfort, fuel economy and performance are all part and parcel with the Mazda CX-9 range.

Perfect for your next family holiday, or even your next corporate meeting. With expert craftmanship and unique sleek design language you and your family will be sure to arrive at your destination in style. 

Mazda CX-90 –  The penultimate in driving pleasure

To finish off our SUV range we have the ultimate in family luxury. Introducing the First Ever Mazda CX-90. Coming Soon to Redlands Mazda.

This eagerly awaited premium SUV takes family luxury to the ultimate level.

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